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360º photography (day and night)

fotografía panoramica en 360º del Muelle 1 de Málaga. Donde se puede apreciar la misma imagen en diferentes horas del día, pasando del día a la noche conforme va girando la fotografía.  Espectacular.
Pier One - Port of Malaga - La Farola

Muelle Uno in the Port of Malaga, a new concept of commercial area open to the city, facing the sea. Where you can find the Center Pompidou, a craft souk, theater, summer cinema, artistic interventions and a wide range of fashion and restaurants.

Located at: Paseo del Muelle Uno, s / n, 29016 - Málaga - Tlf: +34 952 003 942

Benefits and advantages of a 360º Virtual Tour (even in Google My Business)
  • Geographic barriers are eliminated. Any user can make a virtual visit 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

  • A virtual tour can be done very comfortably from any device, whether from a PC, a mobile, tablet ...

  • You can show everything and every one of the corners of the business, real estate, local ... users improve the perception of the brand, it gives them greater confidence and a great impression.

  • A great innovative tool that allows you to differentiate yourself and stand out from the competition today.

  • No fees, just a single payment, because it can be viewed from its own website, and once created there are no additional costs.

  • Photographs guaranteed by our photographers who are accredited and certified by Google.

  • The Virtual Tour link can be exported directly through different channels, on the website itself, on Social Networks ...

  • We create your own QR code to insert in mail, business cards ...

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